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  • CPS False Allegations, Altered Files Confirmed - OIG, News32 Investigations P1-3 2006-07
  • State CPS takes attorney's kids in retaliation for defending mother! Defense Evidence disappears!
Oct 2006. P1-3. Inspector General Report: State Unjustly Terminates Parental Rights For Federal Money. Herald-Leader. State child protection officials are using foster children as "bartering items" in an adoption push Read More
SEE 82 MORE VIDEOS ON CPS CORRUPTION and MAINE CPS, DHHS AND JUDICIAL CORUPTION playlist. This is what happens when you run an agency that makes decisions based upon the federal money they get, and to micro manage families like wildlife in a zoo!! They use any excuse they can, just to get their hands on your kids, and that all important federal money! This is nothing more than the Family Services Mafia!! It really makes you wonder why there hasn't been an armed conflict over this!! Read More

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